The BRE Group

Founded in 2020 in London, United Kingdom. The company started with the first Customs broker and freight forwarder office, providing ad-hoc services in the Diamond district of London. Soon after, the company became the first European Community Air Courier and changed the company designation to Ltd in 2021.

Our Vision

Black Rock Express (BRE) is aiming to become the leading company delivering high value goods across the globe. Our speciality in transporting jewellery, precious gems and high value goods made us a recognisable brand in the industry. The objective is to maximise total value creation by leveraging responsible stewardship of all we are entrusted with to generate sustainable, profitable growth.

“Constantly advancing with technology and security.”


A Message From Our CEO

We understand that investors are not only focused on what we achieve, but also how we achieve it. To compete and win, we must consider the broader needs of society, ensuring that we treat all stakeholders fairly and with respect while managing our business with integrity and fidelity.

Ram Dalipi

CEO, BlackRock Express

Our Values

At BRE’s, our values guide the way we work and are the cornerstone of our winning culture. 


  • We act with honour and integrity. 
  • We respect each other, our company, our customers and our communities.
  • We provide equal opportunity to participate and grow. 

Forward Thinking

  • We find ways to streamline our processes and improve performance.
  • We empower our people to think creatively and work differently. 
  • We embrace and drive change.

Customer Focus

  • We consider customer first in all we do. 
  • We understand our customers’ needs and find ways to transform their experience. 
  • We hold ourselves accountable for providing value and delivering results.