The BRE Group

BlackRock Express (BRE) is a London based high end delivery service primarily for the Diamond Industry. Our clients include diamond dealers, luxury goods retailers, high-net worth individuals and banks. We are here to provide a secured delivery service for most parts of the world at breath-taking speeds, unparalleled for the industry.

Moving Diamonds

Speed and security is everything for diamond dealers and there is no service available in the industry that can meet those demands. BlackRock Express addresses these problems by prioritising resources to deliver a swift, smooth, expedient and professional service precisely tailored for the individual needs and requirements.

BlackRock Express was created by diamond dealers for the diamond dealers.

Express Delivery

We don’t use third party logistics, we use our own planes to transport your valuable goods across the globe, giving us the flexibility to deliver your goods at great speed. Our premium service is ideal for your most urgent delivery needs at competitive prices.

Speed is what we do!

We Deliver


BlackRock Express

BlackRock Express (BRE) delivers for clients of high value luxury assets by providing a secured collection and delivery service with the fastest turnaround times. We work with high net worth individuals, Royal families from around the world, Diamond and watch dealers and diamond federations through our team of specialists dealing with valuable assets.

We also offer tailored and customised delivery services for the bespoke needs of our clients. We can offer overnight jet services and same day deliveries at blazing speeds for ultra urgent delivery of precious cargo to help maximise business operations to close deals faster.

“Delivering diamonds forever, delivering diamonds.”




Jet Service


Gem Lab

Our Speciality

We evolved purely out of frustration with the existing cargo services taking too long yet overly expensive. This need to fulfil for our business demands, we subsequently opened the service to our customer base and the whole diamond industry.

Our key area of expertise is getting your precious cargo or diamond delivered across the world with the most cost effective and shortest time. If it’s a valuable diamond or shipment of watches, we can get them to destination faster than anybody in the industry.

24hrs Delivery

Our most on demand premium delivery service for the most urgent needs. Speed and safety, a peace of mind delivered.

We use our Planes

We do not rely on others for our exceptional service, we have a range of planes from Boeing to Gulfstream. 

Run on Amadeus

We use the Amadeus GDS system for efficiency and speed to route our flights and deliver the goods on time. 

Delivering With Speed

The speed and security of our service doesn’t rely on third part logistics. We deploy our own planes from Boeing to Gulfstream to meet the demand of services required by our clients.


Our partners and investors are helping us reach further and grow stronger.




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